Frequently Asked Questions

Michel Thomas Greek Masterclass Prize: Terms & Conditions

When I click on 'interactive exercises' in the app I get a plain blue screen and cannot access the interactive content.
A recent Adobe update has affected our CD-ROMs. To access the interactive exercises, please follow the instructions here.
I’m having trouble getting my CD-ROM to work on a Mac.
Our interactive CD-ROMs are compatible with both PC and Mac. However for them to run on Mac you’ll need to make sure you have the Flash Player plug-in installed.
How do the Michel Thomas Method courses match up to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)?

The CEFR levels match up well to the Michel Thomas courses (for the listening and speaking skills only) and these are recognized across Europe. The 2-hour course equates to A1, the Total equates to A2 (with some B1) and the Perfect equates to B1. It is a good grounding for A Level BUT reading and writing also needs to be learnt separately.

What's changed between the previous and new courses?

We've combined certain elements to take you further in the main courses, and – for the first time – added visual tuition for your PC or Mac. This helps reinforce what you've learned and to recognize written phrases and words.

Start courses replace the Introductory Courses. They give you a taster of the method and teach you useful phrases in the language in just 1-hour.

Total courses replace the Foundation Courses. They are classic Michel Thomas Method courses, taking you from total beginner to speaking confidently in 8 hours or more, depending on the language. In the most popular languages we've added vocabulary taken from the previous Vocabulary Builder courses, plus visual review on CD-ROM for your PC or Mac.

Perfect courses replace the Advanced Courses. The most popular languages also now benefit from extra vocabulary taken from the previous Vocabulary Builder courses and – as with Total – all-new visual tuition and exercises on CD-ROM.

Masterclass courses replace the Language Builder courses. They are lectures given by Michel Thomas which aim to get you talking like a local after completing the Total and Perfect courses.

Can I use the MTM courses to do a GCSE or A-Level?
The Michel Thomas Method courses are a brilliant supplement to studying a language, as they can help the learner gain confidence in speaking and listening skills. However, the Michel Thomas Method courses do not follow a set curriculum, and therefore cannot be used as the sole study aid for a GCSE or equivalent qualification. If you wish to take a formal exam in a language, we would advise you to purchase a course that follows the curriculum of the qualification you wish to obtain.
Do we offer one-on-one lessons using the Michel Thomas Method or training as an MTM teacher?
As a publisher we only offer audio courses of the Michel Thomas Method, we do not offer personal tuition or training in the Method.
Why doesn't Michel Thomas teach on all the Michel Thomas Method courses?
Michel Thomas' legacy was such that even after his death in 2005, customers wanted more Michel Thomas Courses and also wanted new courses in major world languages. Hodder Education – publishers of the Michel Thomas Method range – responded with a careful vetting of talented authors/teachers who dedicated themselves to mastering his method and adapting it to produce courses that authentically and carefully applied his methodology and made breakthroughs that Michel Thomas himself would have endorsed. Hodder Education editors and authors scrupulously oversaw each and every draft and subsequent recording sessions and the results are a testimony to the man and his method.
I've lost my booklet, where can I get a new one?
PDFs of all language booklets are available here
Where can I try a free trial of the Method?
You can open the free audio sampler window from here
Are the CDs that come with the course MP3 compatible?
All CDs that accompany the courses are MP3 compatible when loaded as audio files onto a PC. The CD-Roms that accompany the French, German, Italian and Spanish courses, however, are not.
Where can I find out more about Michel Thomas?
There are a few biographies of the man, including Christopher Robbins' Test of Courage (Hodder Education, 2003) and Dr Jonathan Solity's The Learning Revolution (Hodder Education, 2008). Dr Solity's book also provides a lot of information about the psychology behind the Method.
Where can I find out more about the Method?
Dr Jonathan Solity's book The Learning Revolution (Hodder Education, 2008) explores the psychology and implications for schools/colleges/teachers wishing to adopt the Method.
Where can I get more information about the Michel Thomas Method App?
The app has its own dedicated website here.
I am missing audio from my copy of Perfect French Revised (ISBN: 9781444790665)?
You can access the audio files here